Sundays at 9:30A & 11:00A


The following safety policies and procedures are in place for the health and safety of your children.

STAFF & VOLUNTEERS: Children's ministry volunteers have gone through an application process, which consists of background checks, reference checks, and safety training.

REGISTRATION - New Children: Parents of children infant - grade 5 will need to complete a "Children's Ministry Online Registration". Parents of children with allergies must also complete a TCC "Food Allergy Information". If a child has an allergy necessitating medication, parents must complete the "Medication Consent", provide the medication (in the original container) AND provide a doctor's order form with medication, dosage, and directions (you may use the standard form for the public school system).

CHECK IN - Registered Children: Infant through fifth grade, are checked in before the service. When you arrive at the self check-in station, please print a nametag for your child and a required security "claim tag" which you will need to pick up your children. Directions are above the check-in computer.

ILLNESS: In order to keep TCC a safe and healthy environment, we ask that you not bring children to church if they exhibit any the following: fever, vomiting or diarrhea within last 24 hours, common cold onset until symptoms subside, unexplained rash, pink eye, persistent cough, cloudy nasal discharge, or lice. Children with lice must be treated and cleared by a public school nurse, or local health center before returning to church.

EVACUATION: In the event that the church building needs to be evacuated, parents SHOULD NOT get their children from the Children's Ministry area. Their small group leaders will escort all children to the designated area outside the church building.