Sundays at 9:30A & 11:00A

Worship Teams

The worship teams at TCC exist to empower all people to worship the living God. We are not the focus, but accompany the most important voice - the congregation - as we give praise to God. Therefore, our goal is not to have a flawless performance (though we strive for the best performance before God), but to foster an environment of authentic praise.

Musical priorities:

  • Sing-able melodies to empower all people to sing
  • Loud enough to encourage hearty singing
  • Not too loud as to overpower the congregation
  • Varieties of tempo and tonality to reflect contrasting themes throughout a service

One part band, one part small group, our worship teams devote time each week to not only practice, but to pray for each other, our community, and our world.

Saturday Night Life worship team

  • Practice | 3pm Saturday
  • Service | 5pm Saturday

Sunday AM worship team

  • Practice | 8:00am Sunday
  • Services | 9:30am and 11am Sundays

Contact: Adam Kurihara, Director |